11 July 2006

oh, a baby on the blog

My good friend and his wife had their baby last week. She is a wee little five-and-a-half pounder. But very healthy. And here she is all nestled up under the quilt I made. I am very honored that she is sleeping so soundly under it. I hope it keeps her nice and warm. Congrats to the happy parents.


briana said...

Oh my, that quilt is *gorgeous* - almost as much as the beautiful creature tucked safetly beneath it.

(PS - I'm just crazy about your blog banner as well.)

joanna said...

hey, i happened to come across your site from your flickr photos. you have some gorgeous photos and you make beautiful things! i love the metrocard holder :) anyway, i enjoy reading your site, keep it up!
- joanna

julieree said...

thanks briana! i was sorta afraid the new banner was too cutesy, but i guess i just am cutesy and should embrace it. :)

joanna-thanks so much! Still learning about the photog as well as the crafting but having much fun with both. thanks for visiting!