16 March 2012

jennie's invitations

Twin's wedding is now just four weeks away, so the wedding-related crafting is in high gear. Jennie is so organized and prepared that I think we could have the wedding tomorrow. Except that it would just be me and her with a whole carload of handmade decorations and paraphernalia, but no groom and no guests. So we'll wait for April 14 I guess. Probably for the best.

Jennie asked me to design the invitations, an honor and a responsibility I took most seriously. Luckily she gave me good direction and liked what I came up with. She wanted: COLOR! Lots of RED! and FLOWERS! Those were her directions. She had seen some invitations by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co which served as our inspiration. Anna Bond's designs are absolutely gorgeous and I could only hope that I could come up with something that would at least approximate their stunning fabulousness.

I pulled out my case of acrylics which hadn't seen the light of day in about 4 years and happily discovered that most of the tubes hadn't dried up. I really had a ton of fun painting these little flowers. The color scheme that Jennie has chosen is so full of life and joy, just like her personality.

Weekend before last we had a printing, cutting, and assembling party. Then the invitations were on their way. Here we go!