05 October 2009

change of address cards

I knew I wanted to make change of address cards to mail out to friends and family. In what I thought was a flash of brilliance, I decided to carve a linoleum block with a little illustration of the house. I have very little experience with carving linoleum (I carved a turtle once), but I was optimistic. One injured finger and a good bit of cursing later, I have some cards that are somewhat presentable. I was too cheap to go out and buy proper block printing ink, so I used my plain old painting acrylics. It looks a little...gunky. But it adds to the rustic charm of the stamp, right?

Unrelated, but momentous: I made collards tonight. I couldn't just buy one ham hock, they came four to a package. So now we're going to have to make a big pot of beans to go with our mess of greens. The house smells like my grandma's, it's very nice.