27 June 2007

well hello there

Hello! This my new front stoop. I have a stoop of my very own! And my mother bought me the most beautiful pots and a collection of wonderful flowers. I put the flowers in the pots and now I can call myself a gardener. A hobby that I think I could get addicted to. As if I needed another hobby.

My first 2 weeks in North Carolina: Magnolia trees and sweet gardenias. Hot sticky days and a sunburned nose. Cool, dark air-conditioned buildings. A new bike. My new bike has a basket. Looove the basket. Finishing one job on a thursday, moving, then starting a new job on monday. A distinct impression that the world around me is moving very fast. Feeling rather stupidly like a deer caught in the headlights but knowing that the rush and roar will abate—I will find my quiet and focus before too long. Missing twin, who is still in NYC (for 2 more weeks). Missing all my comfortable furniture and most my crafting gear, which is also still in NYC. Feeling at first that this new apartment, though quite lovely, is hollow and empty and full of sharp corners and sounds that go bump in the night. But then discovering new neighbors, planting some flowers, planning new curtains. Slowly making friends with this space I will call home.

And I have been missing my blog friends! My bloglines has about a bazillion posts highlighted. I am going to settle down and have a nice long read.

It's good to be back.