22 September 2009

for napping

If that's not the picture of a spoiled dog, I don't know what is. But how can we help it with those sweet brown eyes which stare so intently until you pet her head and rub her belly. Sweet girl. The doggies needed living room beds. While we love the hardwood floors in our new house, it means the dogs had few places to stretch out for a nap.

I wanted to do this on the cheap, so I bought two 5-lb boxes of polyfill and used fabric from my stash. They're a little poofy, but I know from experience (having already made one bed for Scout) that they will squish down in time to the perfect state of poofiness.

Scout is sliding off her bed a little bit, granted. She's just such a big girl. She's still breaking in the bed. She'll get it squished down before too long. I would like to share that I think Scout is the most patient and sweet soul I have ever met. You can tell it from looking at those eyes, I'm sure.

Of course, some days almost anywhere will do for a nap. Because napping is very important.

15 September 2009


We're settled into our new home. I loooove this house.

I love the windows, original to 1923. Some of them don't open so well anymore, and all of them have that rippled effect of old glass, as if the window were ever so slowly melting down into the windowsill.

I love the wide front porch.

I love settin' on the front porch with Matt, watching the town drive by.

I love the giant oak tree in the backyard. It's huge. I don't really feel we could own such a tree, but hopefully if we show him the proper respect, he won't decide to drop one of his limbs on our roof. He seems a kindly old tree, so I'm sure he'll be careful.

And of course sweet puppies and an amazing, wonderful fiancé are in this house, which is the best part. Yep, we made a promise and he gave me a beautiful ring. It's been a very good summer.

I've got pictures to share of our transformed sunroom and homemade doggie beds, so I'll be back very soon. The dogs want their dinner...