04 July 2006

totally ripped

I've been wanting to crochet with fabric strips for a while and this seemed like a nice easy project to start with. I had a coaster pattern that I was able, with only a little frustrated fiddling, to adapt for the larger gauge of the fabric strips. Ripping the fabric was fun and winding it into a big ball was even funner. I loved the ball of wound fabric. I almost wanted to stop there and just keep making balls because I thought they were so pretty. If not particularly useful.

I almost stopped after making one coaster because my curiosity was satisfied and I have a terrible tendency to want to move on to a new project before I complete the current one. But I persevered and the last three crocheted up very quickly. Now I want to make a matching trivet for the table, maybe alternating the blue check with another color and making it rectangular this time. I also think it would be so cool to make a bath mat with this method. But that would require a serious commitment, so I'll probably hold off for a while.

wimbledon update: I'm standing behind my Baghdatis prediction. Unfortunately I can't make an underdog prediction for the ladies because the four left in the draw are seeds 1, 2, 3, and 4. Why is women's tennis so much more predictable than men's? Makes it a bit less exciting. I'm rooting for Mauresmo, though. She's tough.


Love Squalor said...

so pretty!

melissa f. said...

these are great. very sweet and nicely put together.

Maitreya said...

Those are really cute.