09 July 2006

turns out there is such a thing as too much chocolate.

We went to the Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center today. I scored tickets through a friend at work. 5 city blocks worth of booths full of chocolate, cheese, jams, cookies, cured meats, wine, you name it. If it's fancy wancy, it was there. We pretty much just went from chocolate booth to chocolate booth. The funny thing is most people were not concentrating on the food at all, but were engrossed by the Italy vs. France match, which they were showing on huge televisions set up around the convention center. There was a particularly rambunctious group of guys in the French food section. Big, beefy Obelix types of fellows in chef's aprons, tattoed with the colors of France, waving French flags and shouting French at the tv. The Italy section was on the far side of the convention center. Not sure if this was a conscious decision on the part of the show, but very diplomatic.

My pictures of the food show turned out really badly, but I got some good shots on our walk back to the subway. Hell's Kitchen is a cool neighborhood, and pretty much all that's left of the ghetto it once was is the name. I set up a flickr set if you're interested.


Jennie said...

I didn't think it was too much chocolate. I liked it all. oink. oink.

Bon Appetit! said...

Sounds like you had a good time eating through the show. The fancy food show is a real gem. I attend regularly, searching for products for my French food and gift business www.splendidpalate.com. The world cup excitement at this event was incredible. Having attended soccer matches in Europe, the chanting that filled Javits reminded me of those matches. It was clear to know who was winning by the direction of the cheers! At least it sounds like the cheers distracted people... allowing you even greater access to all the chocolate booths!