03 July 2006


I made a Wee Wonderfuls bear! When Twin saw the pattern book arrive last week, she said she wanted one. Surprising since this is the girl who is beginning to despair of all the "chochtkes and other shit" that is beginning to overpopulate our small apartment since I started getting into all this crafty business. Her prior rule that I can only make things for other people (thus getting them out of the house) is apparently suspended for this bear. Such is the cuteness of this bear. He is just so incredibly and irresistibly cute.

Jennie named him Bobby. He is definitely a he-bear, despite the fact that he is wearing a dress and red mary janes. The mary janes had to be red, of course, per Jennie's instructions.

But I also couldn't resist making the loafers. So now he has two pairs of shoes, as any self-respecting glam bear should.

I couldn't believe how easy he was to make. Hilary did the most wonderful job with the instructions, etc. An absolute joy of a project. If you're interested in the pattern, I believe Hilary is planning a reprint sometime soon. Check out her web site. Also check out the flickr group she set up to see more bears, kitties, and bunnies, oh my!

(Oh, and I obviously jinxed poor Andy Roddick the other day with my prediction. Sucks for him. Sucks for all the americans, actually. Great to see such a variety of countries represented though. My second underdog prediction is Baghdatis. He has a nice face.)


Jennie said...

YAY Bobby! He loves his red shoes. He's only going to wear the brown ones when you force him to. Hee hee.

sally said...

Eeep, the brown loafers are to die for!