18 July 2006

i'm melting but my eBay purchases will sustain me.

I came home from work today to find my computer whirring uncharacteristically loudly, its little fan racing in an attempt to keep cool. I fixed myself a nutty fluff, and found that the peanut butter was oozy, gooey, and shiny melty in its jar. It's a little hot here.

But a little eBay goes a long way toward soothing all manner of discomfort. I got a batch of notions someone rescued from an estate sale, among it all these cool wooden spools of thread. In the bottom of the box was the dust of many years, along with a few stray beads, safety pins, and a rusted bobbin wound with brown thread. There are notations on the button envelopes like "Marshall Fields peach twinset." All of which has gotten me wondering who all this stuff came from, and wishing she knew that to me it is like a little treasure chest.

Another eBay purchase that I put to use this weekend before it got too hot was my new bundt pan. Just like my Mom's—heavy metal and all officially "Bundt" brand. I made a Sally Lunn, then a blueberry cake (above).

The heat is supposed to break tomorrow. I hope so, because I really can't keep rationalizing all this eBaying.


Fickle Fiona said...

Hey Julie,

Love the site! Oooh that cake looks good. Makes me want to bake!

I couldn't find your e-mail so I'll just put this here in the comments. I found this site and thought you might be interested.

Threadbared.com was born out of a love of all things vintage (Mary) and all things snarky (Kimberly) (and, um…okay, Mary too).

We combined our fondness for vintage sewing patterns with our need to be snarky.


briana said...

It's amazing how refreshing a trip to the "'bay" can be... though not so refreshing on the pocketbook.

I'm loving your beautiful notions and the fact that we both made blueberry Bundt Cakes! Yay for synchronicity!

briana said...

Err, sorry fo rthe second comment - but what recipe do you use for your Sally Lunn? I've never heard of this before and after a quick google search I want to try too! It sounds delicious!

julieree said...

fiona--hee hee! that site is FUNNY. Definitely adding it to my bloglist. The funniest thing is that neither of the authors sews. wicked sense of humor though.

briana--sally lunn is soooo good. It's kind of like brioche, somewhere between bread and cake. I make mine out of The Williamsburg Cookbook. Classic southern fare, though I guess it's really a British thing originally. I don't think that cookbook is in print anymore, so email me if you want and I can send the recipe along! It's sizemorejulie(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Marmee said...

The Williamsburg Cookbook is no longer in print -- but you can pick up both used and new copies through Amazon and Alibris and other sites like that (some as cheap as 86 cents plus shipping). In 2001, Colonial Williamsburg put out a new cookbook, The Colonial Williamsburg Tavern Cookbook, which also features the Sally Lunn recipe.
But I want to know where that blueberry cake recipe came from???

julieree said...

Mama--Dora gave it to me. I think she got it from the Magnolia Cookbook. Is that one in your library? I'll send you the recipe, it's quite yummy. But not particularly light and fluffy. Dense, you know. Not sure how I feel about dense.