30 June 2008

my friend mandy

*ahem* Please excuse the abrupt emergence from my blogging sabbatical but LOOK WHAT I BOUGHT ON EBAY!!! Hillary blogged about her Mandy doll a couple months ago and ever since then I have been just yearning for a Mandy doll. I had a Mandy doll when I was little and my Mom and Grandma sewed us all kinds of clothes for her. I don't have a clue what happened to my old Mandy doll, but the one I got on eBay is perfect, down to her polyester polka dot dress and red plastic shoes. Rockin.

Here is the full view. She's standing on my new cake plate (why? I don't know. She looked good there. And I am quite fond of my new cake plate. I was going to give you the link, but Crate and Barrel doesn't seem to be selling it anymore. But that's where I got it.)

I also bought a batch of about 16 patterns, all groovy 70s style clothes. Mandy is choosing her fabrics now. We've got a wardrobe to make. I could try to analyze why at the age of 29 I am so excited about a new doll, but I won't try. I'll just enjoy her. She's pretty!