31 March 2009

hello there!

Someone asked me recently why I stopped blogging. I had a hard time explaining it. I'm sure it has something to do with cycles and seasons, life changes and shifting priorities. I like letting life take me where it will, and it just seemed to lead me away from my blog for a while. But I miss it. The kind comments from friends, the inspiration I get from fellow blogs, the drive to create and explore and share.

So, here goes. But I should probably catch you up on some stuff first. There are all kinds of new people for you to meet:

I met Matt about a year ago. It’s very good. He’s true and kind and genuine. He aspires to have a beard like Mr. Twit and doesn't really like bathing all that much, though he makes an effort when I am around. Doesn't talk when he doesn't have anything to say, but when he does, it’s always something worth hearing. Writes beautiful poetry, loves horror films, and does the best impressions (my favorite is barfing dog). At age 34, he still thinks the best birthday presents come from the toy store. With him around, I laugh a lot and am reminded of all the good, true things in life.

With Matt comes Scout, who is the smartest and sweetest dog you ever met. The puppy in the picture is Abby, a little five-week-old lab mix who will be coming home with us this weekend. Difficult to predict how Scout will like being a big sister. I'm thinking she'll take to it with her usual good grace, because that's just how she is.

I adopted two kittens last fall. Max purrs like a diesel engine and is a bit daft, but very loving. He's also very pretty.

Guthrie has a quiet dignity, the kind you would expect from a Southern gentleman and a cat. His purr is a very low rumble, and he reserves it for extra-special moments, making it quite the compliment if you are so lucky as to inspire it. He is much more careful with his personal hygiene than Max.

Now you've met the menagerie. There will be a quiz later. I am still amazed that somehow I have acquired a whole little family.

It’s full-on spring here. Dogwoods just coming out. I can’t wait for it to get sizzling hot. I have all kinds of plans for summer. It feels good to be back.