06 July 2006

a bit of trim to make me smile

The garment district is a mere nine blocks north of my office. This is a very dangerous thing. Tough morning at work? Well then, I think I'll just nip up to a trim shop or two on my lunch hour. I'm still learning my way around all these shops--some are huge and warehousey while others are dark and maze-like. Liesl of disdressed's nyc crafter's guide has been a huge help in navigating my way through these shops.

And here's the little stash I came away with. I tried to show a little restraint. This way I can rationalize going back for more next time I'm having a rough day at work. It seems to be excellent therapy.


sally said...

Oh my! How fun + dangerous to work so close to all this goodness!

melissa f. said...

oh the ric rac... gah... i'd fall over. great pictures.