20 June 2006

a quilt and a bunny to welcome a new little friend

Somebody remind me in the future not to try to finish a quilt (even a baby-sized one) in 2.5 weeks. At least not until I'm more experienced or grow two more hands. But I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I followed the plan just about exactly, but ended up using the green on the binding, which makes a nice contrast on the back side.

A Wee Bunny hopped along to help welcome the baby. He's pink, which I think is very nice, and his soft tummy is made from one of those hotel shoe-buffing mitt thingies that Twin brought home from a business trip. Getting creative as I am still rather wary of fabrics other than straightforward cottons. Will have to get over that soon. If you have never visited it, you should go see the Wee Bunny gallery, which is quite impressive. No close-ups of this Wee Bunny as his little back is rather pathetically hand-stitched up. It was nearing 2am by that point, and hand-eye coordination was waning. But he has a little white pompom of a tail attached to his butt. You can use your imagination.

"Apara" means "beyond comparison." And with two such lovely parents, I have no doubt that Apara will be just that. Can't wait to meet her.

I made chocolate cupcakes for the shower from my grandma's recipe. I wanted to send some home with the mama-to-be, so I packaged up mini-cakes for both her and my boss, who had informed us just the day before that she herself is also expecting a baby. This means that 40% of our little office is now expecting. My Mom said she hopes it's nothing in the water. I told her I thought the water is probably safe to drink for those of us who are experiencing a slight drought of men.

Here's a close-up of the tag I made for the chocolate cake packages. I couldn't resist. They were supposed to be brown and salmon, but turned out hot pink and purple as my printer was obviously missing some key ink element.

And here are the little cards I made. Brand-new parents in pink and a growing family in blue. So, there's another little baby to prepare for, and this time I will hopefully plan ahead well enough to avoid a late night involving bleeding onto the quilt binding, running to the kitchen to stir the ganache, accidentally smearing ganache all over the Wee Bunny, shouting expletives at the printer, and sudden movements with a dodgy X-Acto. But then that might take all the fun out of it.


Dora said...

How adorable! I love the cake tags :)

Jennie said...

That's one lucky baby!

Dacia said...

sounds like a brilliant time. everything is stunning. you are a lovely friend!