21 August 2008

holga roll #1

I am attempting to embrace the unpredictability of the Holga. This is a "toy" camera that has a huge cult following. It's plastic and rudimentary, but has the potential to produce all kinds of breathtaking and unusual photos. Check out the Holga galleries to see far better examples than my first attempt above. I ordered the starter kit off Amazon, as well as a variety of films. Loading film! Dropping the film off at the photo lab! Coming back the next day to see what came out! Oh, the anticipation! And holding physical, glossy prints in your hand. What an experience. I'd almost forgotten.

Notes to self for next roll: Remember to take off the lens cap. Colored flash filters are dang powerful. Use the "12" frame setting so the frames don't overlap. Try winking at the photo lab tech so he might start giving me a discount.

new toy

Julie to Twin: "Leave me alone, I'm playing with my new Holga camera. Wheeeeeeee!"