08 July 2006

besotted in june

1. orange and oatmeal. It all started when I saw that blanket (top left) from Hable Construction. Looks so warm and soft I want to cuddle up with it. The pillow (top right) is also from Hable. The card (bottom left) is from Tall Cow and the rug (bottom right) is from Anthropologie. Maybe I'm liking these colors because they have food names. And I think I'd like some chocolate to go with it.

2. North by Northwest. I had forgotten how good this movie is. Seeing it again has given me a serious crush on late 50s modern stuff, especially the architecture featured. The UN Headquarters (designed by Le Corbusier, apparently--makes me want to go visit), the oh-so-cool house of the evil VanDamme perched next to Mount Rushmore, and that train car they travel in! Why can't we travel in such style anymore?

3. Modern dollhouses. I first saw these while blog-hopping (though can't remember which blog--if you know please tell me so I can attribute the wonderful find!), they are from the Green Dollhouse Project, a competition for dollhouses devoted to the principles of sustainable design.

4. The Wailin Jennys. I heard this group last week on Prairie Home Companion and had to immediately go download their newest album, Firecracker. Beautiful, easy folk music that is a joy to listen to. Maybe not as edgy as some people like their folk, but I find it very calming and happy-inducing.

5. Lovely Design. I had seen her rolodexes before but am now in love with this print. She also does the coolest things with found paper.

6. I'm besotted with the word besotted! I think I might make this a recurring thing on the bloggio here. Maybe every month or so. Or maybe just when the notion strikes me.

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gracia said...

"Besotted" is a wonderful and handy word isn't it? Fling it in as many sentences and conversations as you can.
cheers, gracia