23 July 2006

aaaaas yoooooouuuu wiiiiiiish!

It is very rare that my Mom actually asks me for anything. She is the most generous woman I know—possibly generous to a fault with us kids. Not that I'm complaining, being on the receiving end of her exquisite taste and wanton behavior with the credit cards. I'm very lucky, and not a little spoiled.

I made a bag for Mama a few months ago from an Amy Butler pattern. Mom picked out the fabrics and it came out quite nice, but she has had trouble using it because it has no internal pockets and everything she dumps in there just gets lost in the bottom of the bag. She had seen these organizer things called pursekets and asked me if I would make one for her in coordinating fabrics. I shouted "YES!" and "I'll get right on it!!" Three weeks later, I finally got around to it. (sorry marmee)

Here it is standing up inside one of my bags. See, it holds your wallet, phone, etc in a standy-uppy kind of way around the perimeter. Then you chuck whatever other random stuff you have in the middle.

I made a little card wallet and tissue holder to go with it. The button's just for show, it has a velcro closure beneath. Also, there's a little pocket on the back for a couple cards that you can pull out without un-velcroing it. So you can whip out that credit card all the faster.

A homemade purseket for my wonderful Mama, who is as generous with her time, encouragement, and kindess as she is with her credit cards.


Marmee said...

How beautiful!
You make your Mama cry!!
I can't wait to put all of it to use.
You are way too good to me, sweetest of Julierees.
Now we need to discuss what "quid" you want for all this "quo" -- especially since it's "quo" that's oh so full of "quoi"
The embroidered label on the tissue case is fab -- reminds me of that poem you wrote.

sally said...

Excellent purse organizer! Very sweet of you to make it for your mother!

Dacia said...

this is great. how did you make it stand up... cardboard?

julieree said...

dacia--I lined it with fairly heavy canvas to make it stiff. It turned out surprisingly thick, and the seams up the height of it (the ones that separate the compartments) also help make it stand up. To be honest, I was kind of surprised it worked so well! :)

Flibbertygibbet said...

And the embroidery on the tissue holder made me laugh out loud! How fabulous, the whole thing looks great.