22 July 2006

nurse dolly

Nurse Dolly wipes fevered brows and soothes the wounded. She is strong and brave and good and gentle. And she has a smashing little uniform. This was the first of the patterns I tried—largely because my Mom had a nurse uniform for her dollies and I can remember playing with it and thinking that the cape was the coolest thing ever. I realized after getting into it that the pattern is for a 9-10" doll, and Dolly is a diminutive 8". Several frustrated alterations later, it actually fits her. The cape is still a little large across the shoulders, but still pretty darn cool.

I had to show you my difficulties with the hat. The first one swallowed her whole in a hilarious Flying Nun kind of way. I overcompensated on the second, which is just as hilarious perched on top of her head. Three times a charm, and it fits just right.

I am slightly less happy with her sundress. It's the skirt that ate Texas. Poor petite Dolly. There is so much gathering that it's kind of bunching up around her waist. Twin ever so kindly informed me that it makes Dolly look like she's got some serious love handles. The neckline also gave me no small amount of trouble, but I will spare you the details.

Despite it all, Dolly is quite happy with her new duds, as am I.


Marmee said...

Did you trim out the waist seam on Dolly's sundress? If you topstitch around, just at the waistline, on the bodice edge, to make sure the skirt gathers don't fray out, then you can trim the gathered material pretty close to your topstitching, and get rid of some of the "love handle" bulk -- if that's the problem.
Hard to see from the picture -- but I love the print and the trim.

And Dolly's nurse uniform is very fine indeed.

julieree said...

Yeah, I trimmed out the seam some, but I was afraid of getting too close. Topstitching around is a good idea. But I have to say Dolly is not feeling the gathered skirt. We may go with straight skirts from here on out. She really has to watch her cute factor.