30 April 2009

just looking...I think

I can't seem to ignore these shoes. I may break down and buy them. Last year I got a pair of Worishofer sandals in black that I absolutely love. Super comfy and super cute. However, they are looking a little worn now. I'm still wearing them to work, but the insoles have gotten dirty over time and I can't figure out a way to get them looking good again (toes + dirt = yuck). These shoes here might have the same issue, but they are CUTE. They also come in an awesome red patent leather, which Twin likes better of course.

When we cross the border from things-I-probably-shouldn't-spend-money-on into the dreamy land of I-could-never-afford-this-but-maybe-I-could-actually-sew-something-this-cute, I saw this dress on Orla Kiely this morning. I would call this a frock. This looks like a frock to me.

And since we're on the subject of things I want, I seriously need this for my craft room. How awesome would the fabric stash look in this? I know! And we even have an IKEA in North Carolina now. Some of my North Carolina friends do not know what the big deal is about IKEA. egads. For IKEA, I will journey to Charlotte. Maybe some day I will stumble across an affordable vintage linen cupboard, but in the meantime I might just go with the IKEA version.

Happy last day of April!

27 April 2009

cottage for twins

Last week Twin sent me a great article from the campus newspaper about a pair of 94-year-old twins here in Chapel Hill who have been living together for 20 years, tending the beautiful garden around their cottage. Twin said to me, "This is the new plan!!" You see, we have a plan for our old age. In the unfortunate case that we both outlive our husbands, we planned to move to Florida together, learn to golf, and get really, really tan. We'd drive around in a little golf cart and do pool aerobics and that sort of thing. Occasionally we would let our children come visit us and we would go with them to Disney World.
But we were intrigued by the twins with the garden in Chapel Hill. So we went to visit. They have so many visitors to their garden that they put a sign up to welcome people.
The garden is truly beautiful. Tulips that are the biggest I've ever seen. Peonies just bursting from bud, and huge azaleas everywhere.
I decided I liked either the peonies or these wee little purple flowers best.
Twin preferred these white ones. (I'm afraid I don't know names...I do feel like I should know the name of these white ones.)
The backyard
and a sweet-smelling lilac.
So now Twin and I have a new plan. We will live together in a cottage and grow a beautiful garden. Instead of the golf cart, I'm thinking we'll have a scooter and sidecar. In red. We will measure the passing years with each spring flowering. And we'll still occasionally go visit Disney World.

21 April 2009

abby growth chart

May I present the incredible growing puppy!

3 weeks

5 weeks

7 weeks

9 weeks

They grow up so fast...sniff sniff.

03 April 2009

flying geese quilt

My new quilt. I think this is the first quilt I've ever made just for me. I've made several baby quilts as gifts, but it always seemed like too much effort to make a whole quilt just for myself. But there is really nothing cozier or prettier than a lap quilt for the sofa, and now I have one. It's a simple flying geese pattern that came together very easily. I loved mixing some traditional prints with a more modern color scheme. And the white just sets everything off so nicely.

It's hand-quilted, but I was lazy and only quilted in the ditch in one direction. I contemplated adding more quilting, but then I just wanted to have it done so I could cozy up with it on the couch.

I chose a dark gray cotton chambray for the backing, but I didn't have enough so I pieced a brilliant blue on each end. I likey. I think I got both of them at Purl and they are still selling the azure. (oh and they are from the "Carolina Chambray" collection. How fitting.)

Why is it that simple 1/4" binding makes such a visual impact on a quilt? I'm glad I went with one of the small prints in a dark color for the binding--it really adds so much.

And oh, the sun today! When I first woke up, it was absolutely pouring down rain, as it has been for about the past week. And then just as I was heading to work, the sun broke through. I walk through a beautiful old cemetery between the bus stop and my office on campus, and it's full of gnarled old trees and delicate dogwoods. It's a nice way to start my day, especially in spring.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!