01 July 2006

beachy embroidery

This was my sitting-on-the-beach project over vacation. I didn't even draw it out first, just started embroidering what I saw in front of me. I had intended to have more different blues in the waves, in an attempt to capture the green-blues I saw. I had a color all picked out, sitting in my lap, when a sand crab started scuttling suddenly and very purposefully toward my beach chair. At which point I found it absolutely necessary to jump up, shreiking like a little girl and scattering everything that was in my lap across the sand. I managed to rescue everything except the green-blue floss, which must have gotten buried in the commotion. Making me both an absolute wuss about crustaceans as well as a litterbug.

I added the beach ball when I got home because I felt it needed a bit more color. I found the frame in an adorable little gift shop in Corolla.

I am generally too hypercritical of my work, so I won't list all the ways I am dissatisfied with the way this turned out, and focus instead on one thing I am happy about. I love the way that I was able to capture the surf of the waves hitting the sand. It makes me happy.

note: I've got a new banner! It's a Michael Miller fabric from Reprodepot. I'm hoping to update the sidebar a bit too. fun fun.

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