17 April 2006

the nutty fluff

I have named my new favorite snack the nutty fluff. Not to be confused with its close kin the fluffer nutter, the nutty fluff is the uptown, top-drawer (really top-drawer) version—using actual marshmallows rather than fluff sold in a jar. (This makes all the difference.) The nutty fluff lives in that delightful gray area between snack and dessert from which huge amounts of calories can be consumed with only a modicum of guilt.

To make a nutty fluff, spread a graham cracker with peanut butter, top with halved marshmallows (sticky side up), and push honey-roasted peanuts into the marshmallow. For added fun, eat it in front of Jennie, who is completely appalled by this concoction.

1 comment:

marmee said...

Sort of like a some-more, without the chocolate and the melting?
Child, you need some jelly beans.
I understand the NY Bunny failed to bring them.
Watch for the mail....