30 June 2006

thank heaven

for four-day weekends. and hydrangeas. Praise providence for making July 4 a Tuesday and praise my boss for letting us "faire le pont" as the French would say (bridging between the weekend and the tuesday holiday. The French are really much more savvy about this holiday business.) Anyhoo, here's a bit of my fun list for the weekend:

wimbledon! (I'm going to stick my neck out here and predict Andy Roddick will win. of course, Federer will probably win, but i always like an underdog.)

cinnamon buns (inspired by the lovely dora)

long walks

sour cherries

farmers market

blogging! (I've been a little lax--and I think a little sidebar redecoration action is in order. Twin's is newly blingy and I really must keep up with the neighbors.)

crafting MacGyver style. There are many many projects stewing in my little brain. But I have vowed not to buy any more crafting supplies. So I will be ingenious with the materials I have at hand.

indulge in a silly and overly elaborate summer movie (or maybe two)

and who knows what else?


Dora said...

I just returned from watching Superman Returns. I was not a fan of the original movies, but I liked this one a lot. Perhaps it was Bryan Singer's magical touch (sadly lacking in X3) or the fact that Lois Lane wasn't so insanely annoying this time around. I still think she's the dumbest reporter ever though.

Dora said...

Oops, I forgot! You should really use instant yeast (not the usual rapid rise yeast you find in most markets). It supposedly makes a big difference, according the the reviewers of the cinnamon bun recipe.