01 June 2006

beach bound

Off to the beach. Southbound is always the best direction to be going.

All evening I've had that song in my head, "My bags are packed, I'm ready to go..." which was a mildly sappy song when sung by Peter, Paul, and Mary but reached the heights of cheesedom in that horrible Ben Affleck movie about the end of the world by meteor collision. Jennie keeps singing the "Fanta" song. I can't close my suitcase.

The quilt top is pieced, we've packed a small library between us, and tomorrow evening I will be eating something completely wonderful that my Mom cooked.

All of which makes me extremely, jump-up-and-down, hippy, happy.


Dora said...

Have a great time!

briana said...

I am madly, truly, divinely in love with that fabulous hat. It's a lovely pic as well.