26 June 2006


I used to store my metrocard in my wallet, which required pulling out the entire wallet while weaving through heavy crowds at the 34th street station, swiping the card, and then depositing it back in the wallet after going through the turnstile. This was extremely stupid. I should perhaps have just put a sign on my forehead that said "I'm stupid. Please rob me." Or I could have just voluntarily handed the wallet to the sketchiest person I saw with my best wishes for a happy shopping spree.

Jennie is far wiser than me and stored her card in a mini wallet I crocheted for her last year. She liked it, but I felt it was rather unseasonal. So I made little summery metrocard holders for us. Hers has a "J" (my first freezer paper stencil project--though surely not my last) and mine has a carefree luau girl with a jaunty come-hither kind of look.

I was going to top-stitch them to lie very flat, but I had a slight miscalculation with the seam allowances. Adding fractions really shouldn't cause me so much trouble, but, alas, it does. But the cards fit quite nicely, and I actually ended up liking the rounded edges and bulbousiness of it.

I am on a brand new money-diet. Being now gainfully employed and unable to rationalize living beyond my budget by assuming a larger income in the foreseeable future, I can no longer continue to live in the red. Or at least, I can't keep getting redder and redder. So in the back pocket of my new metrocard holder is a little notebook for jotting down all my expenses. I tried using a penny as a stamp (the round motif across the top). Yeah, that didn't really work. I guess that's why stamps are generally made of some squishy material. ah well.

So now I won't get robbed and am determined to track my spending. I feel so fiscally responsible.


Jennie said...

But now you won't ever have the fun of chasing a man through Penn Station, yelling, "Stop! Theif!!" It could be exciting.

I love my metrocard holder.

melissa f said...

i need lots of holders-- these are very nice.

i'm trying to work out a fabric wallet for my partner as his poketo had kind of a short lifespan. maybe he too needs lots of little holders.

jane said...

Why don't you try and get that sold on metrocardholder.com? I'd love to buy one if they are for sale.