13 June 2006


Tuesday is brown. Isn't Tuesday also self-portrait Tuesday? Not sure who started that or if it's still going, but here is my self-portrait/brown week of color photo. (Who knew I was such a joiner?)

I've got four eyes. I've worn contacts for so long that I feel as though I've got giant hubcaps attached to my face. But oh, I can see. I can see every tiny leaf on every tree and each individual tile on each roof even on buildings that are stories and stories tall.

We were watching Superman last night (the original with the ever so yummy and charming christopher reeve) and were remarking that he really does look different in his Clark Kent persona. And it's mostly to do with the glasses (which were, in his case, about the size of hubcaps). So perhaps this glasses-clad person in the photo is really my alter-ego. She certainly looks smarter.

She also, unfortunately, looks very much like Twin. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with that, of course, twin being a very pretty little thing. But the glasses/contacts divergence was one of the things we always preserved to help people tell us apart. But I'm really tired of foreign objects in my eyes. This can probably be traced back to all that fungus mess people were getting a while back. After reading that NY Times story, (sorry can't find the link but you don't really want to read it, trust me) the tide of my attachment to contacts started inexorably drifting outward. And very likely never to return.

But my new glasses are brown, which may be my favorite color. I know, Jennie, this may be even less exciting than navy blue, but, well, I just can't seem to help it. My teddy is brown. It's a very friendly and comforting kind of color, I think.

I could use a little positive reinforcement on this glasses thing. I don't really look like I have hubcaps on my face, do I?


Megan said...

You look beautiful and smart and sexy, which is an odd thing for a first time commenter to say, but the truth nonetheless. About as far away from hubcaps as you can go. Great photo.

Nicole said...

You look great with the glasses. They're very classic.

Jennie said...

babe, you look faboo in your glasses. Yes, a bit like me, but that's okay. We've still got the hair length difference going for us. (Ahhh, but you're thinking of growing yours out, aren't you? Well, we'll come up with something different. Or just let people be confused!)

We've got to work on your color faves. Brown? You keep buying all those brown clothes, I won't want to borrow anything.

marmee said...

and I thought twin liked the new brown skirt. silly marmee!

julieree said...

thanks all. the new smarter me is smart enough to acknowledge that smart is sexy.

jen--i obviously just want to look EXACTLY like you, not just sort of like you.

and mama--jennie's just a color snob who maybe doesn't deserve fabulous new skirts. You should probably just give them all to me in the future.

Dora said...

I feel smarter when I wear my glasses too... but I only wear my glasses when I watch movies.