12 June 2006

home again

We had an absolutely and entirely wonderful week. Relaxing and warm and sunny and friendly and just so very much fun. We had an adventure (in the not-so-fun sense of the word) on our plane trip down and I won't go into the details. Suffice to say that Mother Nature and Airtran conspired together to give us a very long, tempestuous journey. But it was not an omen, as the rest of the week we had gourgeous weather. I'll be posting more pictures and words about our trip over the next few days.

For now I am quilting furiously as the baby shower is Thursday. I have almost finished the quilting and am on to the binding, for which I'll need a rapid-fire tutorial from Twin. I am also hoping to make a Wee Bunny to go with it. And I promised to make chocolate cupcakes for the shower. The mama-to-be got a taste of them a couple weeks ago and apparently they hit some deep chocolate-craving spot. Such praise can only be rewarded with more cake and a few extras to take home for further nighttime chocolate cravings. Pictures of the completed quilt soon, if I have time to take a few before snipping the final threads and stuffing it in a gift box.


Dora said...

That Wee Bunny is too cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm a huge fan of your blog.. It sounds like you had a great time on your vacation! What happened on the flight?? I hate flying!

julieree said...

thanks erin! glad you enjoy the blog--i certainly enjoy creating it.

I'm not usually uneasy about flying but there were really nasty thunderstorms and we got stuck in Laguardia for about 7.5 hours waiting and waiting and waiting. And the flight was so bumpy my imagination went into overdrive and all I could think of was "mayday mayday we're going down!!!!!"

but we got there safe and sound and the flight back to NY was happily very uneventful.