12 June 2006


Stephanie and mav have organized a week of color. Today is white. I should confess that I took this picture a couple months ago (is that allowed?) but am so glad to have this opportunity to share it. I liked it then and I still like it now. It's a house down the street that is in need of a little love. Our neighborhood is undergoing a slow transition that I won't call gentrification because that sounds negative. It's more like everyone is just painting and planting and beautifying—but without stripping away the heritage and character that lies underneath.

Peeling paint, I think, can be completely beautiful. As can the color white.


Love Squalor said...

beautiful picture!

briana said...

It *is* a beautiful picture... and it's so wonderful when people can co-exist and presrve neighborhood history... in LA it's such a fight.