17 June 2006


I am in complete sensory overload. TOO MUCH CUTE! Can't stand it! AAAAAHH!

Renegade was great. After touring around the 200+ booths, twin and I were glazed-eyed and weary and had to come home and take a nap. So much great stuff, and I thought there was even more variety than last year.

So here are the highlights of the cool stuff that came home with us:

Necklaces for two both. Jennie's (top) is from Sprout Studio. There were so many incredibly beautiful things at this booth, I had to be dragged away. And the owner, Jenifer Lake, was incredibly nice and cool. My necklace (bottom) came from Marcie McGoldrick. I saw these porcelain beauties last year but didn't buy one, then completely regretted it later. So this year, I was looking especially for her, and there she was. I bought the green one, and then she let me pick out one of her slightly irregular seconds to go with it. So I got the pink one too--and I almost like it better for its tiny imperfections.

Paper! The two top left are by If'n Books & Marks. In case you can't read them, they say "sensitive sally" and "rotten." Thought these were fitting for Jennie and me. Your guess which is which. The two cards bottom right are by Rar Rar Press out of chicago (no web site but email is rarrarpress@yahoo) I love the cake one so much.

And last but definitely not least. Reprodepot was there with enormous garbage bags full of remnants. !!!!!!! They were selling it by the pound--which ended up at around half their normal prices. !!!!!!! They just have the coolest prints and I came home with an extremely bright and cheerful collection.

I'm still recovering. May need another nap.

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shannon said...

Godamnit! Your Americans get all the good stuff! I love that bike fabric, very cool.