13 January 2011

man shirt

I made a man shirt! It's really not all that different from a woman shirt, is it? Except bigger and with the buttons on the wrong side. I can do that. I used McCall's 6044 which is a nice, straightforward pattern. The fabric is a soft cotton flannel that is very cozy.

I put all the doodads on, including flap pockets and front and back yokes. I cut the back yoke on the bias but forgot to do it in the front. I don't think anyone will notice.

Sadly, I hemmed the shirt a little too short. It seemed worst on the sides where the shirttail hem rises up, so I put little denim bits on the sides. It was actually Matt's idea to use the contrasting denim. You see why I married him? I know.

Handstand approved. I have already picked out a nice soft baby corduroy for the next version of this shirt. I guess "fine-wale corduroy" is a preferable term for a man shirt. As it is a most manly man shirt.


Diane said...

Great job! That is a very handsome shirt! I love to make shirts for my husband . . . he's always so amazed that I can make them--makes me feel a little like super woman!

Stephanie said...

VERY well done!! I love the yoke in the back. I'm about to start a men's shirt sew-along with the Collette Negroni pattern and I'm a tad intimidated about getting the fit right. Where did you find that awesome fabric?

julieree said...

Thanks Diane! I do feel a bit super-powerful. :)

Stephanie, I just heard about that sew-along this morning. Might have to check it out. I was worried about fit too, but decided to just make the shirt exactly as the pattern directed, and then make alterations as needed for subsequent shirts. Luckily the hubbie seems well-proportioned for this pattern so I don't think I'll need to make any changes (except lengthen the hem). I got the fabric at Mary Jo's, which is a big fabric store near Charlotte. It wasn't expensive, but definitely very cozy.

Good luck with your sew-along!


Stephanie said...

Gotcha! I would love to make it there someday - it seems to be the fabric mecca. :) Thanks!

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