09 January 2011

lucky me

I got a cuckoo clock for Christmas! It has a very satisfying tick-tocking sound and the little bird pops out on the hour and half-hour to sing his cuckoos. He cuckoos in this charmingly manic, breathless kind of way, as if he can't wait to get all his cuckoos out.

A little St. Bernard guards the house.

We hung it up in the living room right next to the front door. He sits up high on the wall to accommodate his long chains. I'm still trying to get in the habit of winding the clock every day, but I do notice now when the ticking sound is missing. It's a very companionable kind of clock. Some women dream of diamonds, I dream of cuckoo clocks. And I am awfully lucky to have a husband who understands me so well.

My mom got us this beautiful tapas set made by Jo Lydia and Ian Craven, friends of hers who work in the mountains of Virginia. Their studio is called Craven Studio, and they make beautiful handbuilt porcelain, everything from vases to dinnerware.

This set is extra special because the design on the porcelain is actually an impression of the lace from my wedding dress (which was also my mother's dress). Although the porcelain appears so delicate, Mom tells me it is actually very sturdy. I just love the colors she chose and how beautiful the lace impression is. I'll have to come up with some hors d-oeuvres recipes worthy of this set. Nachos and buffalo wings aren't going to cut it, I don't think.

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Barbara Brown said...

you are a very lucky gal. where did your husband find such a beautiful clock? my dad has one that is very old and he makes it coockoo for the grandkids whenever they go over to his house.