07 January 2011

handmade gift roundup: dog collars

The dogs got Christmas collars. Of course, the dogs aren't really interested in any gifts that aren't either a) edible or b) chase-able. But they do look so sweet--and I think they knew when I put them on that these were special collars. (don't laugh--I really do think they knew the difference! ok, you can laugh. I'll admit, I've become a little dog-crazy. They're just such sweet, loyal, and joyful companions. sigh.)

This project was much easier than I had anticipated. I bought cotton webbing from Joann's and used some of the ribbon that I bought at M&J on our trip to NYC. I attached the ribbon to the webbing with a running stitch down each side of the ribbon (folding the ribbon over the ends of the webbing to prevent fraying).

I bought two $2 collars from the grocery store instead of tracking down the collar hardware, which ended up being cheaper and easier. I cut the nylon webbing off the store-bought collars and reused the hardware with my be-ribboned cotton webbing. It was way easy.

In case you are wondering what has captured Abby's attention so strongly in the bottom picture, it's almost certainly a squirrel. She just wants to catch one so darn much. We laugh because we can just imagine if Abby could speak, her daily dialogue would run something like this, "GUYS! GUYS! THERE'S ANOTHER SQUIRREL!!!! AND HE'S RUNNING UP AND DOWN AND UP AND DOWN AND YOU GOTTA LET ME OUT RIGHT NOW! WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT THAT COMPUTER WHEN THERE IS A SQUIRREL RIGHT THERE! AGGHHHHHHHHHH! HE'S TAKING OUR ACORNS, MAN! WE GOTTA STOP HIM!! PLEASE LET ME OUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. AGGGHHHHHHHH!!! SQUIRREL! ARE YOU NOT SEEING THIS?? SQUIIIRRRRREELLLLLLLLLL!"


Angie said...

Too Funny -- What would we give to hear our dog's talk! These collars are great. Love them :)

kev said...

:))) Let us know if Abby will succeed in his fight against the unknown:P
Dog collars are the best dog accessories, they look so naked without them:)