17 January 2011

and a girl shirt for me

I'm trying to channel spring. I think it's working because we've got drizzle rather than snow on this gloomy afternoon. Huzzah! We've had milder temperatures all weekend so today I actually went outside and planted some bulbs. I got a whiff of earth and my brain said "SPRING." Not yet, but it did feel good to dig in the ground for a few minutes.

Anyhoo, this is my first practice muslin for the shirt that will be Liberty. My Mom got me a length of Liberty for Christmas and I've decided it will be a light summer shirt with a ruffle collar. I say this is my "first" practice muslin because I'm not quite happy with it yet. For this one, I used the shirt pattern from the Built by Wendy book, which is a great pattern and comes together easily. I've made this shirt before, here and here.

One of Wendy's many suggestions for variations is the ruffle collar, which I love. LOVE.

I wanted a cap sleeve, so I used the sleeve from another pattern (this one) and stuck it on. I used a bias binding to finish the sleeve, which made for a crisp edge and nice shape.

So the collar and the sleeve are a go. It's the bodice that I am not happy with yet. I want to do something a little more like a tunic, with buttons that only go down halfway. Like this, maybe. Though that placket looks tricky and I can't really get my brain around that. I also want to nix all the darts so I'll have a more modern, straight cut.

Oh, as I was wandering around for inspiration I saw this on Anthropologie. (click on the blue color...see? oooooooh.)

I'll keep thinking. If anyone has half-placket/no-dart/tunic advice, please chime in!


Phoebe said...

Have you ever read or looked through David Page Coffin's "Shirtmaking"? He has *very* clear instructions for making a sleeve placket, which is essentially what you want on the front, only longer. I'm pretty sure you could easily extend the length of the sleeve placket pattern piece (traceable from the book) and just place it on the center front of the shirt. You'd want to test it out on a muslin first, of course, but I think it would work just fine. I really like your ruffle collar and cap sleeves. I've got a couple of lengths of liberty fabric and I too am waiting until I have perfected a basic shirt pattern before I cut into them. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

house on hill road said...

i wish there were a way we could sit down and talk clothes making. i always admire the garments you produce. can't wait to see what your final liberty shirt looks like!

julieree said...

Thanks Phoebe! That book does look really good...will have to check it out. Good luck with your shirt-making as well!

Erin, well, when are you coming to NC next???? :)