02 January 2011

handmade gift roundup: hankies for papa

For Matt's Grandpa ("Papa"), I wanted to make monogrammed handkerchiefs. I had embroidered some similar hankies for Matt last year and I wasn't very happy with how they turned out. The fabric is so fine that I find it difficult to embroider on, and when they come out of the laundry the letters are even more wrinkly than the rest of the handkerchief (which is quite wrinkly).

So I decided to try using fusible interfacing to attach fabric letters. I printed out some letters I liked, transferred them onto the interfacing, and cut them out very very carefully. A sharp x-acto was very handy.

I'm not entirely confident that these will hold up over many washings, but I will be interested to see. I am happy with the way they look, in any event.

Hope your New Year is starting out very fine. Mine has been lovely. :)


house on hill road said...

that's a great idea!

Cat said...

Hey Julie,

My sister introduced me to your blog because we all have similar tastes and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading it and getting ideas! You're making me invest more time in being creative which is great because I've gotten lazy as an adult. I also get caught up in doing things with "instructions" I find online which are usually for items that, deep-down, I don't love and aren't really true to my own style. Looking at your blog brings me back to the core of my favorite things which is the simple, sort of non-traditionally traditional. I'm thinking Little House on the Prairie.

Anyway, I wasn't sure what type of feed you are going for (family readers, professional blog, etc.) and wanted you to know I'm a fan. That way if you someday go private I might have a chance at an invite. ;) Take care!