05 January 2011

handmade gift roundup: kindle cozy

For Matt's mom, I made a little cozy for her Kindle. I found this lovely tropical bird print in my scraps bag and it just seemed perfect. A little summer-y and very cheerful. I paired it with linen and used a turquoise cotton inside.

I contemplated all kinds of complicated features for the case, but decided on a simple sleeve. This ended up being a good choice, since Joan prefers to read her Kindle in the buff (hee--I mean the Kindle is naked, not Joan). So she really just needs something to keep it protected when stowed away in her purse. One layer of cotton batting gives it a little softness and extra protection.

A simple elastic band and vintage button keeps the Kindle in its cozy. Simple is good. :)

1 comment:

keri said...

Very pretty! I really like the colors you chose down to the little details of the button - great case!