24 January 2011

another happy window

The new kitchen curtains get a cheerful embroidered gingham. These are done with a chicken-scratch pattern that is in Alicia's new book. I'd never done this type of cross-stitch before, but it is way fun, and so easy. Especially when you use a giant gingham like I did.

And here they are in place. The curtains are simple panels on a suspension rod. I gave them a deep hem, then embroidered the pattern along the hem. (Confession: I've only actually embroidered one of the panels so far...I ran out of white embroidery thread. But this is such a fun project that I know I will come back to it for some highly-satisfying tv-watching/embroidering time.)

We are painting the kitchen AQUA. Here's our sample painted on the left. What do you think? It is AQUA. It's a tiny kitchen, so there is not really much wall space. We're adding a white subway tile backsplash behind the counters, so we'll really only have two short walls that are painted AQUA. All the men in my life are telling me to GO BOLD AND FEAR NOT, so we're going with AQUA. I think it's going to be way cool. I'll need some more red accents, methinks.


amy h said...

Love the AQUA. Go for it!

house on hill road said...

AQUA! looks great, julie!

Jennie said...

oh, i see your red clock you were telling me about! So nice! I like the aqua. Maybe part of the reason you're not excited about it is because it looks rather awful with the current green. But once the green is gone, it'll be lovely!