29 April 2007

spring cleaning

I've been turning our little apartment upside down with spring cleaning. Pulling junk out of closets, sorting clothes for the Goodwill, purging all the accumulated stuff out of the nooks and storage spaces. It feels good. Although not having a car, I have no way to get the enormous box of stuff to the Goodwill. I have to wait until they come pick it up. So it sits in the middle of my bedroom floor. That, in addition to the mountain of recycling which has accumulated because I am too lazy to drag it all out to the curb on the appropriate evening, as well as the mountain of laundry awaiting a trip to the laundromat, all together has had the effect of making the apartment look less, rather than more, clean. But at least it's organized, which makes me feel better despite the fact that you can barely move for all the piles of stuff.

In my cleaning I ran across some items that I don't want to keep, but can't bear to just give away to Goodwill. Things I've made over the past year, but don't have a good use for. Would you care to take any of it off my hands? Consider it a little mini yard (blog) sale. I've listed a price that will cover the postage. I really just want to get this stuff out of the house. Some of the items are gently used. Some are a little wonky in their construction.

Email me at juliemarieblog@yahoo.com if you want an item. Let's limit it to one thing per person, please. So here's the goods. Click the item's name to go back and read the original post about the item, and get the details.

Lady Doll ($8) sold!

Hans and Felix Pennant ($4) sold!

Patchwork pincushion ($4) sold!

Quilted tote ($6) sold!

Patchwork Placemats ($6) sold!

Snot Rag ($2) sold!

Ah, I feel better already. I am a purger at heart. I have a friend whose Mom took out all their baby memorabilia, like the little baby hand imprints in clay and the first grade crafts, took pictures of it, and then chucked it all in the garbage. I'm not sure I'm quite that ruthless, but I have to admire her for it.

Happy Sunday all--I am off to the Cherry Blossom Festival. (Fellow Brooklyners it's open today til 6:00 you should check it out!)

Edited to add: Thanks so much everybody! It's all going out in the mail this week!


Kelli's Kaleidoscope said...

Can I take the tote off your hands? Should I send a check, or do you have a better way to get the postage payment to you? I could always stick it in our snail mail chain letter for you...but then again you wouldn't receive it for 6 months! :) Anyway, I like the tote, and if you're serious about selling it, I'll take it!


Nadia said...

I would like the placemats if they're still available. (Second choice, the pennant.) I live in Canada, so if you need to adjust the postage to compensate, that's okay.

Marmee said...

Sadly, you're only a purger because your marmee is a true packrat! It's only the pictures and the blog archives that allows me to permit you to sell these treaures!
But then you live a lot more orderly life than I do, don't you?!!
(and I will be glad to take anything that's left, but you already knew that).

erin said...

I think your mom is cute... I love reading her comments!

Shelly said...

If the pincushion is still available, I'd be interested I'd email...but my gmail is being odd at the moment. :)

amisha said...

the purging does feel great, doesn't it? though i do have a car, and my january purged bags are still sitting in the garage, waiting to go to goodwill. this laziness is a problem because i occasionally go in there and fish things out and bring them back in the house. sigh. one step forward, 2 steps back?
though i was too slow in reading this post to take your fabulous pennant off your hands for you, i loved seeing these older projects here... the gnomes... the tote... really cute!

sulu-design said...

I consider myself to be pretty ruthlessly anal retentive... but your friend's mom? Whoa! She's no joke. I wouldn't want to come across her in a dark alley!

molly said...

i'm getting a little teary-eyed over this post, realizing i missed an opportunity for my very own lady doll...alas, it was not meant to be!