21 April 2007

long time no post

It's our first flip-flop day here in New York. My neighbor's daffodils are straining out onto the sidewalk. It is loverly.

I had no intention of being away from the blog so long. I am looking forward to catching up with all your blogs this afternoon, while a soft spring breeze floats in the window.

There has been precious little crafting done around here, though I did have a great time refurbishing this shirt for my friend Dorie. She had a button-up shirt from Old Navy that was several sizes too big for her. I don't have a before pic, but it was a long-sleeve shirt that looked like a tent on her. So we nipped in the side seams and reattached the sleeves at a three-quarter length. It's similar to this refurbed shirt I made last fall, using this tutorial. I'm glad it came out well—I was a bit nervous as I have never really sewn clothes for anyone but myself. And after the crafting we had late-night board games. Dorie decimated me and Twin at Scattergories. She said to us, "I thought you guys were smart." Apparently not at Scattergories.

I did manage to get my button swap off this week, several days late. My partner has been exceedingly kind about my tardiness--Aimee I hope you like your buttons!

One of our oldest family friends took this picture of the Appalachian Mountains in Virginia. When I think of Blacksburg, I think of soft blue mountains, proud stone buildings, and the exuberant faces of students with maroon- and orange-painted gameday faces. One day of violence cannot diminish such beauty or strength.

This post is all over the place. I guess that's what happens when I don't post for nearly two weeks. I won't let it happen again. ;)
I hope you are all having a beautiful Saturday afternoon. xo


Alice said...

Welcome back, Julie. I have really missed you but was glad that you were able to be with your family.
Your blog always seems to be filled with joie de vivre and sunshine - thank you for the pleasure that it gives me.

sulu-design said...

Yes, I'd wondered where you'd been... we miss you, you know! It is a lovely day here in NYC. Enjoy the weekend, and catch us up on some craftiness soon. Please. :)

erin said...

welcome back! enjoy the wonderful weather this weekend.

sally said...

Ahh...lovely vintage buttons. The photograph of the Appalachian Mtns is breathtaking.

And for what its worth...I think you + Twin are smarties. =)

abbyjane said...

Hi! Nice to see you again.

Sarah said...

Hi Julie,

I found you on The Purl Bee... lovely blog and lovelier cards. Looking forward to reading more.

Mrs. Fabrice Penot said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my reincarnated shirt!!!! I flickr'd my pix (including the semi-before-pix) so y'all can see Julie's true genius. (she is a genius... she's just not as kick-ass at Scategories as me...lol)
Thank you!!!!!!!!

shari said...

hi julie.
i've missed your posts too so welcome back! :) the first day of flip flops is definitely worth a mention in my book. yay for sunshine and warmer temps. those vintage buttons are so so cute. hope you have had a lovely weekend. xox

amisha said...

welcome back julie!
the refurbished shirt looks great... very cute!
stunning photo of the appalachians... so peaceful, calm and quiet. xo

Connie said...

this is a great weekend [weatherwise] for us east coasters! [finally]

and yes, when i think of blacksburg, i think of those mountains too. thank you for the wonderful thought.

pip said...

finally. you are back. even though i see you every day, i missed the blog. hope craft-a-palooza was delightful. my brother ate all the cookies you made. i got him back by putting an entire jalepeno in his eggs (minced, of cource).

enjoy the flip-flop sunday. it makes me happy.

Dinah said...

You and Twin have been missed. I'm glad you're back! And what a beautiful picture of the Va. mountains. Thanks for sharing such a lovely calm and quiet scene with everyone.