08 October 2006

a quilted tote and my brand new pigtails

Not that I really need another bag, but this one's purty cute. I was at Purl Patchwork on Friday evening to pick up something for my mom and I figured I just better take a lookie around in case something caught my eye. Which, of course, it did. They had this cool japanese abstract print in many colors, but I couldn't resist the orange.

This a wee little tote—just 12 inches square, more purse than tote. I used some cotton batting left over from the Charlie quilt, so it's just a little poofy. That gray I love, but it's a stretchy fabric which was all slippery and stretchy and wonky. That's always fun.

Inside is this cool Kaufman print I also got at Purl. Looks like tiny Pac-Man flowers. One gray pocket on the interior.

And here's me with my new tote. And since I was taking funky mirror self-portraits, I thought I'd show you my exciting news: my hair is long enough for pigtails!! I'm trying to grow my hair out even though I know full well that it looks better short. Short looks elegant, sculpted, sophisticated, groomed. I know this, but I still like it long. I'm a ponytail kind of gal. Meticulous grooming is overrated, in my opinion.

I hope y'all who have tomorrow off work think of us poor schmucks slaving away and feel really guilty. harumph.


Mary-Heather said...

That bag is so cute, and the fall colors look great. Congrats on the hair; growing it out can be such a pain, pigtail milestones are awesome!

Maitreya said...

Very cool.

sally said...

I think I am your long-lost twin! I saw that Japanese print online and was coveting it. And I have the same orange floral print. And I love gray. And I almost always wear my hair in ponytails. And I agree, grooming is way overrated.

Mrs. Fabrice Penot said...

Ahhh! The pig tails rock! You must wear them to the office one day so I can see them in person. We can make it a departmental thing so you won't feel alone-- I can wear them too! Yeah childhood fun!!!! We should get Pip to grow out his hair too... :p
Oh yeah- the bag rocks of course! I loathe- i mean ADMIRE you and your talent!!!!
Good day.
Mrs. Penot

julieree said...

hey thanks guys!

sally--you can be my twin any day of the week. maybe I can trade in my real twin for you. hee hee, jennie, kidding, KIDDING!! we'll just be triplets.

Mrs. Penot--perhaps we should institute an office-wide pigtail policy. Though I'm not sure Pip could carry off long hair as well as certain frenchmen who shall remain unnamed (though, with whom, apparently, you have recently joined in holy matrimony).

Jennie said...

HEY! Well, I don't want to be your twin anymore either. *sniff, sniff* I'm sure you and Sally will be very happy together.

Do you feel guilty now? Maybe you should give me this bag to make it up to me.

Mrs. Penot--don't all frenchmen have long hair?

erin said...

cute tote, Julie! love the lining fabric.