27 May 2006

to one thing constant never

I'm throwing in the towel. This baby blanket will never be finished. It's just too incredibly slow. The yarn is too light, the pattern is too complicated, the hook is too damn small! I wanted to finish it. On Tuesday I vowed a renewed commitment to it. I crocheted all the way to work (45 min) and all the way back (45 min). I crocheted while watching The Parent Trap for the bazillionth time (1 hr 30 min). And all I had to show for it were three lousy rows. (3 hrs = 3 rows = 3 hours of my life I will never get back)

It's not patience I lack, but focus. There are too many other projects I want to do—so many inspiring things I see out there that I want to try. So I guess it was Shakespeare who said it though the words come to me through the Emma Thompson film adaptation:

One foot on sea,
And one on shore,
To one thing constant never.
Then sigh not so,
But let them go,
And be you blithe and bonny,
Converting all your sounds of woe
Into hey nonny nonny!

So I'm letting this project go. At least for now. I thought briefly about making it into a pillow, but I'm not sure you're supposed to give pillows to babies. I can just see myself giving a baby gift which, while looking pretty darn cute, will also asphyxiate the poor child.

Lying in bed last night I imagined a baby quilt. In soft yellows. And I've already ordered this, this, and this pattern from Alicia. And rumor has it Mom has ordered One Skein and Last-Minute Knitted Gifts and she may give them to me if I play my cards right (YAY thanks marmee). And Dolly is still awaiting her wardrobe.

So even if I only start projects and never finish them, at least in the process I am feeling mighty blithe and bonny.


Dora said...

I have Last-Minute Knitted Gifts from the library right now. It's a lovely book, even though I don't understand most of the instructions :)

Jessica said...

Did you watch the old Parent Trap or the new one? Just curious.

julieree said...

I was watching the old one. Though I must admit I do own both versions.

The old one is just so classic and Halley Mills wears clothes so cute you can hardly stand it.

The new one lacks the style of the first, but is also set in both Napa Valley and London, so how can you not love that?

And Natasha Richardson is so great and Lindsay Lohan was actually very charming before she became a skanky hoe. So I do enjoy the new one. Though the original is still the best.

Julieree's bro said...

I ought to know better than to post a comment here and I should probably be hesitant to admit familiarity with The Parent Trap, whether in its Haley Mills or Lindsay Lohan manifestation. I can only hope that growing up with Julieree and Twin gives me an excuse.

However, I can't help taking exception to Julieree's characterization of the lovely Miss Lohan.

julieree said...

Admit it justin--you LOVE the Parent Trap!

But sorry. Lindsay Lohan. skanky. hoe. It's just a fact.

And Keira Knightly is a pouty hinged matchstick.

You are severely misguided, bro.