06 May 2006

a spotty pointy kitty

I recently discovered a community of incredibly creative and inspiring crafting bloggers (or maybe I should call them blogging crafters—they are first and foremost the creators of some of the most beautiful handmade crafts). I've added a few of them to my links at right, but once you begin blog-hopping, you will travel far and quickly, around the world several times over with only a few clicks.

It is from one of these crafters, Hilary Lang of Wee Wonderfuls, that I got the pattern for this kitty. I recently bought a ton of felt and had a severe hankering to do some felt applique. This is a completely unseasonal urge—I should be wanting to work with light, airy muslin or something in celebration of the warm weather, but there is really no arguing with hankerings, so I bought the felt and got out my book of basic embroidery stitches. (I did, at one point last night, when the weather had finally—FINALLY— reached a point where flipflops were necessary and a balmy breeze carried the voices of kids playing in the street into my living room, only then did I feel the need to fold up the felt and stow it away on a shelf lest it suffocate me with its fuzzy closeness. Luckily, I had just finished the kitty.)

The kitty is named Callie, short for Calico, of course. I tattooed her on her rump so there is no mistaking the matter. She's a little bit saucy, and enjoyed her photo shoot immensely.

She has joined Hilary's Pointy Kitty gallery on flickr, where you can see other people's interpretations of this fantastic pattern.


Dora said...

Saucy indeed, with that tilt of the head!

Anonymous said...

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