02 May 2006

bits (no. 2)

You can now download the Webster Dictionary onto your iPod. ($10 but may be worth it.) You can also get the Constitution and the Brown v. Board decision for free. Are my siblings excited yet?

More information graphics (my favorite shows energy production and consumption) whose implications are depressing but whose visual execution is stunning.

A completely photographic tutorial on how to make a pincushion out of a bottlecap. View it as a slideshow—the immediacy of the instruction is amazing. How much do I love flickr?

Amazing collection of vintage advertising and other illustration. Did I mention I love flickr?

The Prairie Home Companion movie is in theaters June 9. It has almost every single one of my favorite actors in it, which makes me nervous but excited.

1 comment:

Jennie said...

That dictionary for your iPod looks pretty cool. I wonder how much space it takes up. Also, did you see it says they'll have an atlas soon? Oooohhh.

Ah, the future of reference materials in electronic format.