20 May 2006

nice to meetcha

I don't really like the Blogger profiling system, so I have been very lax about entering any information about myself. But apparently my profile is being viewed occasionally, and those poor people who get directed there are only rewarded for their curiosity with the measly little bit of information that I am female. Well, duh. So in the next post and henceforth forever more, visitors can learn 100 nifty little factoids all about me.

I am not quite sure who is viewing my profile. Quite possibly, my mother is clicking it every day to see if I have gotten my act together and posted some information. Somebody asked Jennie the other day if she had a "readership" for her blog and she just snorted in response, as if to say that was completely beside the point—her blog is an exercise in writing and a way to organize and archive thoughts, and if anyone happens to visit, that's fine and dandy but she's not going to lose any sleep if no one ever reads a word she writes. Very mature of her. But we both recognize the value of a blog's ability to connect people of like interests and temperaments and deep down, we are very happy when someone visits our blogs and feels any kind of kinship with the words and images we set down here.

And though I generally try as hard as I can to melt into the background and don't really like talking about myself, I have learned (slowly but surely) that connections don't happen unless you put yourself out there. So here's me putting myself out there. How do you do.

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Marquet said...

I am fine thank you. You are a good writer. From what I have read you have been told a hundred times. I am not sure how I found your blog.... oh yes I did a search for advent calendars and saw yours- I think. Something prompted me to read and I did and somehow I feel I am in a book trying to get to know a character (I dont even like to read). Well, I think I may follow your blog if I can remember to get back here. I spend a lot of time taking care of and playing with my boy- he is 8months old. It is not very often I get on the computer to just read. We'll see. Oh- My name is Marquet.