18 May 2006

bits (no. 3)

Much controversy over the new "Safe Happens" ad campaign for the VW Jetta. Too scary? Or a justified use of shock value? I think the latter. Watch them here.

A different view of the cosmos everyday with the Astronomy Picture of the Day. Accompanied by fairly layman explanations.

The New York Public Library has opened an exhibition of French book art. Must go, must go!

You can design your own V&A textile! See the one I made here.

Oh, for a tiny little cottage.

Vitra miniatures are 1/6 the size of famous design pieces. Almost as expensive as the real thing, but my dolly has a yen for the miniature ball chair.


A whole lot of beautiful.

"Last year, human beings produced more transistors (and at lower cost) than they did grains of rice." Sam Palmisano, CEO of IBM. More.

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