09 September 2006

update: we've got some oozing here

Maitreya wisely pointed out that printing directly onto fabric with an inkjet will yield colors that run. Alas, 'tis too true. I dribbled some water on my recipe card bag and indeed that color just oozed and gooed. Bummer. I guess those Bubble Jet Set people know what they're about. Ye have been forewarned.

In other news, I am attempting to sew a garment today. Hopefully you will see the results of this effort in the near future. If I never mention it again, you will know it was a dismal failure and I will humbly return to crafts projects that do not involve molding fabric to the complex contours of the human body.

Hippy Happy Saturday!

1 comment:

sulu-design said...

Ah, live and learn. Will you be experimenting with some permanent fabric ink?