30 September 2006

a pinafore for Olive

Olive gets a pinafore for my last-minute contribution to this month's Tie-One-On. I can't get enough yellows and browns recently. I guess it's a fall thing. Twin kindly informed me that Olive's yellows clash. Well, poo poo. I still like it. I can never wear yellow because I'm so fair-skinned, so it was a lot of fun to make Olive a brown-haired, green-eyed thing who can wear yellow and look just fabulous in it. I'm making the backpack next, and it might just have to be yellow.


sulu-design said...

Who knew Olive could get even better? The pinafore is so sweet - I love the detail at the waist.

erin said...

Your Olive is great!! Love the pinafore - might have to do that for the Olives floating around this house.

sally said...

Olive + her pinafore are both adorable!