21 September 2006

2 balls down, 10 to go

Orange or pink, whaddya think? I can't decide. I was going to try to figure out how to add one of those poll thingies to this post to see what y'all think, but it's too late tonight to puzzle out how to do that.

This is my latest crochet work in progress. No, not a scarf but a shawl. 2 balls of yarn=a scarf. 12 balls of yarn=a shawl. 12 balls of yarn, oh heavens, what did I get myself into? I had intended to finish this shawl in time to give it to my grandma for her 91st birthday, but now I'm thinking it may just be a Christmas present instead.

One of the wonderful (and patient) ladies at Purl helped me decide which yarn to use. I timidly explained that I was on a bit of a budget and she promptly whipped out a calculator, furrowed her brow a moment, then started whizzing around the shop pointing out yarns I could use. I love that!

I ended up using Rowan 4-ply cotton. My grandma likes bright colors, so I pointed to what looked to me like a cheerful salmon kind of color on the top shelf. The sales lady said, "you mean the one third from the left?"
"Umm, no, the one that's 2nd from the right."
"oh, you mean you want the orange?"
"Umm, I guess so."

I got it home and Twin's response was a single "wow" followed a short time after with a "that's bright."

But I will insist on calling it "salmon." And I will insist on thinking it's a good color, and that my grandma will like it. Positive kind of thinking.

I'm using an easy-peasy, no-brainer pattern I got in this crochet kit. Double crochet-chain-double crochet, double crochet-chain-double crochet. I think I can even handle that on my morning subway commute, when I am still half asleep and without the benefit of fully functioning faculties.

OK, onto the third SALMON ball of yarn.


Mary-Heather said...

The color is quite persimmon-y (if persimmons glowed) and very, very cheerful! The cotton really shows the stitch well.

Jessica said...

Yay! One of my friends from work is going to teach me how to knit on Tuesday, and I'm so excited!

Jen said...

It's salmon pink. Absolutely. And very pretty. I love that it looks so soft and light, which in my narrow experience, is not how I tend to think of crochet. Your grandma's going to love it.

sulu-design said...

It's beautiful, and your grandma is gonna love it. Bright colors like this look fabulous on older people - she'll look quite spunky (and that's a good thing at 91).

FriendOfMarmee said...

Hi, there! I *love* this color - I bought a wool jacket this color because just looking at it made me smile. Turns out it's a real conversation-starter...total strangers in office buildings come over to say how much they like it, too. your grandmother is going to love it.

p.s. your mother told me about yours and Twin's blogs, and now I'm hooked...

julieree said...

thanks everybody! i'm thinking it's a good color too.

hey friendofmarmee---are you debbie!? hee hee. mom said you might come to nyc for a visit. woo hoo!!

FriendOfMarmee said...

Hey, Julie, it is Debbie!! You and Jennie better look out, because Marmee and I have a *serious* agenda for this trip we're planning...I think it starts early in the a.m. at the Union Square green market and goes from there...

P.S. that chocolate cake looks absolutely scrumptious. I think you have definitely inherited the baking gene from marmee.