11 September 2006

thrifted inspiration

I made these new cards last night because I was so inspired by a mug that I picked up at the thrift store yesterday. It was $1. Jennie doesn't seem to share my enthusiasm for it, but I think it's wonderful.

I don't drink coffee, but i almost want to start because it's such a perfect coffee mug. It somehow doesn't seem like a tea kind of mug, so I think I will put my pencils in it. And it's sitting on top of a few other finds, including a dress that is way too big but which I will use in some way because I love the print.

More colors.

And another design that was a by-product of the first. I was going for random and spontaneous with those pinwheel ball-y things. Surprising how carefully you have to tweak in order to achieve "random and spontaneous."

A very subdued day today in the city. Thinking and remembering and going about lives because they do just have a way of carrying on. Wishing a peaceful day to everyone, everywhere.


Marmee said...

Peace to both of you, my lovelies.
You, and your fellow New Yorkers, are our hope, and our prayer for peace.
BTW, neat designs. And the eecummings capitalization thing is, as always, an echo that is oh so comforting.

Mary-Heather said...

Beautiful images- love those cards!

Wishing peace to you, too.

sulu-design said...

I love the anal retentive randomness that you achieved! Lovely cards.

hannah said...

oh. love, love, love...

African Kelli said...

Seriously love those cards! Good work!!

joanna said...

The cards are beautiful! I wish I was inspired so easily.

I too have been tempted to start drinking coffee simply to use pretty coffee mugs and tumblers. Even french presses are beautiful :)