27 August 2006

tuxedo pillow

Look at me! Who knows how to use her sewing machine?? ME!!! OK, feeling a little smug and quite proud of this one. The little Singer deserves a bit of applause too. Mom, check it out. Pin tucks, lace insertion, and BUTTONHOLES! It's not that difficult, is it?

This is part one of project Trying to Make my Bedroom Look a Little Less Sad. We recently decided to re-sign our lease, and I'm not going to look at blank white walls and makeshift curtains for another whole year. I've already banished the wire cube tower thing that has been with me since college. Of course, everything that was in the wire cubes is now jammed on my already-full bookshelves. Hmmm...did somebody say FABRIC BOXES? Oh yeah, that was me. Gotta get on that. But first, part two of project Trying to Make my Bedroom Look a Little Less Sad will be curtains. Wait for it.

Here's a close-up of the pillow. As usual, I was a bit lax with the measuring/seam allowances, so it's quite plump. The pintucks kind of stand out in a funny kind of way. I'm liking the girly lace + tailored gray.

And the buttons are kind of straaaaaaiiiining to stay buttoned. Measure twice, cut once, Julie. I tried sitting on the pillow while sewing the buttons on in an attempt to smoosh the pillow down a bit. Not sure it helped much. But pillows lose fluffiness over time, right? So it should fit just perfectly in about a year.


abbyjane said...

wow. pintucks. button holes. these are things i know nothing about. this is why i need a granny who sews. does anyone rent grannys?

sulu-design said...

Beautifully handled details! I love the buttons across the back. Good luck in the pursuit of a little less sad room!

sally said...

Very cute pillow. I am super impressed with all the pintucks, lace and buttonholes! And I rather have a nice full pillow then a sad droopy one! =)

Amy said...

So tailored and put together! Wonderful job!