31 August 2006

getting nippy, so good thing dolly and this cantaloupe are keeping warm

It's been strangely cool here this week, and though I am sad to say good-bye to summer, it's awfully nice to cozy up under a blanket at night. And fall has its own special magic: back-to-school and crunchy leaves and those first sharp nips in the air. The cool weather has been making me itch to crochet, so I pulled out this half-finished hat that I started sometime in the spring. It's the Snowbunny Hat pattern from Alicia. I ordered a few of her patterns because they are so gosh-durn cute, even though I don't have any little girls to whom I can give this stuff. So a handy cantaloupe is doing the modeling for me. My stuffed snowman also obliged me, though it didn't fit him as well as it did the cantaloupe.

And check out this sweater and hat my Mom knitted for Dolly. She actually took a pattern for an adult-size sweater and altered it down for the doll! I'm quite amazed by this, as I have never knitted anything but a scarf. I'm a bit better with crochet. Mom let me decorate the sweater and Dolly lay in her box for many evenings before I decided to give her the embroidered snowflake.

OK, please excuse me as Agassi is once again battling to stay in the USOpen and it really requires my undivided attention. He's playing that lovely Baghdatis guy who has such a nice face. As Twin says, "what a cute little Cypriote." He is cute, and we like to say "Cypriote."

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sulu-design said...

I love the cap (earflaps are the best) and your display of it. I knit a similar one for myself several months ago, and I, too, cannot fit it over my own head (although I was knitting an adult pattern, which I gather you were not). I still think they're both great!