07 August 2006

home again and a new book!

We had an absolutely wonderful, relaxing, fun time in Texas. I'd never been to Texas before—at least not properly; I think we may have driven through the panhandle once but that didn't count. I have to say Texas is big. The sky seemed enormous, and the spaciousness was a rather startling luxury for us coming from New York.

My friends are the kindest and gentlest of folks, and their hospitality was incredible. Not that I was expecting otherwise. Spending four days with my oldest friends, the ones who were there at the beginning and played such a role in me becoming who I am, was peaceful and comforting and restorative in a way that not even I was expecting. Though so much has changed, nothing has really changed when we get together. It is a timeless friendship for which I am endlessly grateful.

Pictures from the trip are here in a flickr set. Didn't get Twin in a cowboy hat, though she did buy an "I love cowboys" t-shirt which makes an appearance.

Awaiting me when I got home from work today was Amy Butler's In Stitches which arrived early from Amazon. It's not supposed to be released until Sept 1, but somebody's Mama loves her (ME!!) and pre-ordered it and they sent it early! woo hoo!! And it looks amazing. A beautiful book full of beautiful projects. I honestly can't believe this book is only $25. It must have over 20 patterns in it, and her patterns generally run over $10 each. Can you tell how excited I am? I've already picked out the first three projects I'm going to do. That kimono which is just too too cool, the fabric boxes (oh yeah, and she also has directions for fabric folders and envelopes--eee!!), and the laundry bag. Because then maybe (possibly) I might not dread going to the laundromat quite so much.

Thank you so much mama. You are feeding the frenzy up here.


African Kelli said...

My God. I need that book! And your trip looks lovely. My parents moved to San Antonio last year, so I spend a good bit of time in Texas too. :)

sally said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear you had a lovely trip. And now I must go order the Amy Butler book, because you made it simply irrestible! I've been wanting to make fabric boxes [to hide those darn toys]! Cannot wait to see your projects!