23 August 2006

getting mothered (part two)

Twin's faboo new robe. Red, of course. Mom and I went to Mood and she bought this absolutely gorgeous fabric for us. (If you're a Project Runway fan, you've seen Mood. It's where they went in the Miss America episode to buy fabric. Floor to ceiling huge bolts of fabric. Three floors. Completely massive and fairly overwhelming.) I used the Amy Butler pattern. Could I possibly plug that book any more? You'd think they were paying me or something. I also made a robe for myself. You can go see it here. I didn't post the picture here because though i like my robe, I think Jennie's turned out better. Or maybe she is just a more glamorous model than me. She certainly has that turn of the head thing going. In my picture, I'm looking a bit double-chinned when compared to her dainty throat. Anyway the picture has been relegated to flickr, where you will all go see it because now I've made you curious. sigh.

I made mine first, then made a few slight changes for Jennie's. I softened the neckline a bit because I felt mine kind of resembled hospital scrubs. I also hemmed it a bit shorter. Which is quite cute though she may run into some skivvies-on-display issues should she decide to go trouser-less.

We are feeling quite chic in our new robes. Think I'll go lounge in front of the tv and eat some ice cream. It's a lounging kind of robe and a lounging kind of evening.


Jennie said...

I think I'm just craning my head like that to make sure my face didn't get in the picture. Anonymity must be preserved here, you know. Ha.

And pookie, you have no double chin. Ya weirdo.

I love my kimono.

sally said...

LOVE the robes. And I think the turned head does make the robe look a bit more sophisticated! =) And I agree with your sister, you don't have a double chin, Baby J-yes, You-no. I ordered the AButler book thanks to you! =)

sulu-design said...

Pardon me if I leave the same comment twice - I tired earlier to comment on your beautiful robe (but I think I used the wrong username). I love the sleeves! I didn't realize the first time I visited your blog that you are a fellow New Yorker. Now I'm even more excited to keep up with your posts!

Abu Saeed said...

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